Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rylee's First Beach Trip

I love summer!!!  I am blessed to work in education which provides me 2 glorious months of summer vacation.  I decided that it would be fun to take Rylee to the beach for the first time.  Evan agreed and off we went!  We drove to Houston to stay with our friends Jared and Lydia.  We got to spend some quality time with them which is always fun.  On Saturday we drove to Galveston.  While it is not one of the nicest beaches, it holds alot of fond memories for me.  We set up our spot on East Beach.  Rylee didn't know what  to think of the water and muddy sand at first.  She actually started to cry to be more accurate.  We tried to get her to like it and she didn't seem to want to try (if you didn't already know, Rylee is pretty stubborn).  So we took her back to our spot to see if she would take a nap.  No go.  We changed her swim diaper and let her play in the dry sand for a little bit.  She liked that.  Then we went to wash her off before leaving and she LOVED IT.  She would cry if we picked her up.  So we stayed longer and had more fun.  I always love going to the beach but the sand can be a pain.  I think next time we go we need to have a hotel room on the beach ;)  Anyway, it was a nice last summer trip.  I am really going to miss spending all day with my baby girl.  

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