Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I rarely post about my experiences as a teacher but today's experience was definitely weird and random. Today started out pretty normal. We had our morning math, a mini lesson, and then broke into small group stations. We all went to take a restroom break. We came back and had reading lesson and stations. You know, the usual. After the final station, I give the signal for the kids to get ready for lunch. Just about as everyone has finished picking up their station, a notorious trouble maker yells out POOP!!!!!! Everyone busts into laughter and as I start calming them down and trying to get to the kid to talk to him about his action, I notice that he wasn't just yelling the word poop. Right beside his desk is a HUGE pile of human poop. So big in fact, that when cleaning it up with paper towels, I couldn't pick it up with 1 hand. (I know, disgusting). I start to question students about where this came from, who saw this, etc. With 2 minutes to lunch, I had to cut my interrogating short. After dropping off my students, I stop by the VP that is over my grade level and chat with her about the situation. Suspecting it is one student imparticular, I stop by the counselor as well. All three of us could not come up with a logical explanation as to how a pile of human poop (that wasn't squished together like it had come out of a bag or anything) ended up in the middle of my classroom. I guess the poop mystery will go down as one of the top craziest things to happen to me as a teacher. Yet again, this is another example of how I definately do not get paid enough for what I have to do on a daily basis!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Back to school.....

Evan and I started classes this past week. Evan is taking a history class and an online intro to teaching class. He is going to use some of his lunch breaks to observe teachers at my school for credit. I started a lifespan and human development class along with a curriculum and guidance development class. Evan is pretty excited about his classes and thinks they will be fairly easy. Me on the other hand, not so easy. Fortuantely, I have a former colleague who has taken the same class with the same professor. Unfortuantely, she said the professor is extremely tough and she had to really struggle to get an A in the class. This better not mess up my 4.0 GPA! I already have 3 projects due this Tuesday after only 1 week of class! Pray for me! Other than classes starting, things have pretty much been the same. We are making new goals and trying harder to attend the temple each week. One thing we want to improve on is being more social. We need friends. Most of our friends live outside of Dallas, but the ones that do live here, we rarely see. We are going to try and make more of an effort to see our current friends and make new ones.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas Break and New Years

Sorry it has been so long since a post! I know you would think I had time to post over 2 weeks vacation but it truly was busy..... well most of the time. This first picture is from when Evan and I went to see Avatar. I saw it 2 times over the break and Evan saw it 3 times!

I got to visit with some of my best friends! It was alot of fun even if it was for only a little while. We met up at Corner Bakery. I love my girls! I also missed the girls that couldn't be there.

There was a BIG snow storm that came in on Christmas Eve. Evan and I were planning on leaving Christmas Eve for Oklahoma after opening presents with my family here in Dallas. We decided the safest thing would be to wait until daylight. We ended up not opening presents till around 1am on Christmas Eve morning because my sister and her boyfriend didn't get back from his families house till 12:30. We woke up at 8am and were out the door by 8:30. Over the course of our trek, we saw over 200 stranded cars. I was SO grateful that we hadn't left the night before and gotten stranded or worse. It ended up taking over 10 hours to get to Stillwater. Just as we were about 100 yards from the house, we got stuck in the alleyway. Our brother-in-laws had to come help Evan and I push our car out of a big icy pot hole. I was so glad to finally get to grandma and grandpas house. I was also glad to see the smiling face of our niece Iliana. She has been saying my name ALOT since it is one of the only ones she can say. Isn't she cute!

Christmas night was alot of fun playing games and hanging out with Evan's family!
We spent New Year's Eve at James and Shawnee's apartment. We had ALOT of fun! It was nice to just relax, play games, talk with friends, and watch the festivities on TV. It was our first married New Years and it was a BLAST!

Evan loved getting to hang out with his besties that he never gets to see. I really wish we all lived closer so that we could have this much fun all of the time. Evan misses his friends alot.