Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day

Evan did a great job this Valentine's Day surprising me. If you know me, you know I'm not easy to surprise. He planned to have a beautiful edible arrangement delivered to my school on Friday. Well, it snowed a record 13 inches here in Dallas, which meant that school was closed on Friday. SO he had to call and have it rescheduled to be delivered to our apartment. It was so yummy!! Then on Saturday, he took me to see the movie Valentine's Day. It was really cute, until I started getting nauseous. I ran to the nearest restroom but didn't quite make it. I got sick all over the lobby of the movie theatre. And even though I smelled awful, Evan still sat next to me for the rest of the movie. What a great husband! Because I was sick all weekend, we didn't do much besides that. We stayed the night at my sister's house so we could spend some time with Barkley. He is so stinkin cute! Evan's Valentine's present was a pizza and chocolate dunkers one night and then his favorite place, Ghengis Grill, on Monday night. Overall, it was a nice first married Valentine's day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well, Evan and I just couldn't wait until we had our house to get this little guy. His name is Barkley and he is a puggle. His dad was a black pug and his mom was a pocket beagle. We had been searching for bull dogs on craigslist and then decided they were too pricey. Evan wanted a pug but the pug buggy eyes kind of creep me out. SO we decided to compromise and that is when we found Barkley! Isn't he cute!?! He is 9 months old. His previous owners couldn't handle 2 puggles and a preschooler any more. He was $50 although his previous owners paid $250 for him from a breeder. We haven't gotten to spend much time with him yet because he is staying at my sister's house until we close on our house. We don't have much space in our 700 sq ft apartment. Anyway, without further adieu.... HERE'S BARKLEY!

Our First House!

Evan and I are buying our first house! It all started with a friend of mine from work wanting to sell her house in the neighborhood. We loved it but it wasn't affordable for us. So we started seriously thinking about where we wanted to live, have our kids born, and stuff like that. We finally found a house in south Arlington/Mansfield area that we love. It is just the right size for us (1700 sq ft). The lot it is on backs up to a very new elementary school. The elementary school principal was also a professor of mine at DBU last semester! Anyway, life has been VERY stressful with work, school, and now my third full time job of signing paperwork and answering phone calls. We had the inspection today, in the many inches of snow. The report seemed to be good. We are going to meet with him on Saturday so he can inspect the roof and sprinkler system. Next is the appraisal. Hopefully the house will appraise for more than we offered, but if it doesn't then we have to go back to negotiations. Well, enough of the info, here are pictures of our potential first house!