Monday, June 21, 2010

4th of July!!

For those of you who don't know, the 4th of July is my favorite holiday. There is many reasons it makes the top of the list, but here are my top 5:
1. It occurs during summer break.

2. The days are longer so there is more time to party!

3. The FOOD FOOD FOOD! I love hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQ, potato salad, and beans.

4. The DESSERTS! I love pie, cake, cookies, puddings, fruit salads, etc.

5. The American Spirit!

We have decided that we are going to go to Stillwater for the 4th this year. We are REALLY excited because Evan's mom makes some amazing food. We are also excited because Evan's sister Jennifer should be having her baby around the time the 4th gets here, we aren't exactly sure when they will have to induce her. Anyway, do you have some favorite 4th of July traditions?


  1. We love celebrating July 4th, too! In OH they had a huge celebration on-base where they flew AF planes overhead, had a firework show and music - it was incredible! This is our first time celebrating here in FL, we'll see what they have here! As for traditions - we ALWAYS have homemade ice cream = YUMMY! My family always made the homemade vanilla custard-based one, but Tyler's family makes blueberry, which is also good! Happy Independence Day! :D

  2. Food, Fireworks and family! So much fun! One of my favorite holidays!