Monday, May 3, 2010

"Family" Pictures

My sister and I decided to get together and take some pictures for my mom for Mother's Day. We chose a nature preserve close to her house. We had alot of fun! I nonchalently mentioned how great it would be if we could actually let our dogs off their leashes and expect them to not run away. As soon as I finished speaking, Landon decided to try this idea. He reached over and let Bella off her leash. Bad idea. As soon as we saw her disappear into the very tall grass and out of sight, I got a big pit in my stomach. Fortunately, Evan is pretty fast. He ran and caught up with her. She didn't stay in the tall grass long and chose to run down a very narrow stretch of mowed area. Luckily she loves her daddy and she came running back. I don't think we will try that again any time soon. We got a few cute pictures before the sun was too low.

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