Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pictures of House!

I have hesitated putting up pictures of the house because each time I think about putting up pictures, I want to fix or do something. Until finally, a friend said "there will always be something you want to fix". So I decided if I wanted to post pictures sometime this century, I would just go ahead and do it.

Things on the to do list for the month of May:

*replace chandelier with 2nd matching ceiling fan
*change shell sink vanities in bathrooms
*paint master bedroom a light gray color
*purchase new bedding for master bed
*make cabinet doors for front of built in in living room
*put doggy storm door in

And of course our house wouldn't be complete without a photo of our two children. Aren't they adorable in their daddy's off limits massaging recliner?! :) You can see the guilty look on Barkley's face!

We would like to thank for the majority of furniture you have seen in these pictures. I was literally obsessed for a few weeks there, but I have limited myself to only looking once a day now. We are loving living in Mansfield! Everyone has been EXTREMELY nice in our ward. We even have been invited to dinner at another couple's house next Sunday! Hopefully we will make more friends over the next few weeks. The drive to work has been lengthened by about 10 minutes. We have decided to stay working at our school in Irving next year (my last year teaching). Then I will go wherever I can get a position as a counselor. Evan wants to take over his lead teacher's position when he finishes his degree in 2 years. We feel very blessed to be where we are!

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  1. Beautiful house and it's beautifully decorated! Congratulations on becoming home owners! :)