Thursday, September 3, 2009

Limeades For Learning

Dear Friends and Family,
Sonic and have an exciting new program called Limeades For Learning. With your help, I can get the funding I need to inspire my students to learn.
Your part is simple. Just order any drink* at Sonic during September to get a vote code, and then go to to vote for my project. Sonic will donate more than half a million dollars to the projects that receive the most votes. But I need your help to make sure one’s mine!
Here’s the project I submitted:
Displaying Creativity and Imagination with ELMO (#309681)
My school is classified as having a high poverty population. I am a second grade ESL teacher with a wide array of students with various ability levels. I am limited in providing my students the visual instruction they desperately need to understand the curriculum across subject areas. My students are also lacking a way of displaying their authentic written accomplishments and illustrations to the class. This dilemma can be solved by the means of an innovative piece of technology. Through the use of a document camera, my students can not only understand concepts through visual learning, but also display their creativity to the world! With your vote, you will help ensure that my students gain knowledge and express their creativity in more ways than ever before!
Go to to learn more about it. And don’t forget to buy a drink and vote. Thanks for your help!
Mrs. Shelbee Russell

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