Sunday, August 30, 2009


I started my classes this week. I have one every Tuesday night from 8:00 to 10:30 (but she said we would usually get out about 9:30 instead). It seems like it is going to be a great class! It's about students with disabilities or "special populations". We will have guest speakers at almost every class which is AWESOME! I am really excited because now that I have experience teaching, I can really relate to what I am learning in class and apply it. My other class meets only 3 weekends for a Friday night and Saturday from 9-3. It is Intro to School Counseling. It is really interesting especially because it focuses on being a counselor at all grade levels, including high school. I like it, but there are quite a few projects I have to do in between sessions of class and several are group projects. Fortunately I found 2 teachers to be in my group that teach in Irving at a neighboring school so it will be easier to work with them. Anyway, I am pretty excited about my classes. I also found out that I can obtain a probational counselor certificate after 24 credit hours and 3 years of teaching. I can start applying for counseling jobs then. If that is the case, then I should be able to apply for a counseling job after this next summer if I want. I think I will wait until I have at least a few more years teaching so that I can enjoy being in the classroom before I leave it. Well, its time to go watch some more episodes of 24 with my hubby! Goodnight!!

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