Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our First Year

This weekend marks one year since Evan and I met. It seems like so much longer! Just incase you don't know the story, here it is. I added the event "Colleyville YSA Conference" to my events on facebook. When I did, I noticed that there was an attractive guy who had said he was going as well. I thought "what the heck!" and I poked him. The next day, I got a message from Evan saying...

Shelbee, have we met? If not, nice to meet you, and if we have, what kind of jerk am I? :) haha. I just moved to the area a month ago, and am still getting to meet people around here. How long have you lived here in Texas?

Over the next few days, we messaged back and forth. Finally he asked me if we could have lunch on Saturday before the conference. We met at a gas station 5 star resteraunt ( After lunch, we went back to his apartment and watched Heros. That evening, instead of going to the conference like originally planned, we went to an Amos Lee concert. Evan says he knew from that first night that he loved me. For me, it was our 3rd date to an Italian resteraunt called Sardines. Here are a few pictures from when we started dating one year ago.

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  1. I love your story - it is so sweet! You are such a great couple! Can't wait to see you in December!