Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break 2013

We had a FUN spring break!  This year we decided to save money and stay at home.  We invited Evan's sister Rachel and her daughter Aurora to come down and spend time with us.  Here is a breakdown of all of the fun we had! 

Monday- I was really sick all day so we just vegged and watched Vampire Diaries seasons on Netflix. Here is a picture of Evan and Rylee entertaining me while I lay on the couch.

Tuesday- I felt much better so Rylee and I headed over to the MAC for toddler time.  Then we ran errands and got ready for Rachel and Aurora's arrival!  Rachel and I went to Hobby Lobby and Little Giggles that evening.
Wednesday- Rachel and I took the girls out to see downtown Waxahachie.  We went to Pete and Repete consignment shop and ate at this fun pub place.  Here is Rylee standing outside one of the shops with her new toy car.  Wednesday night we ate at ElFenix for dinner.

Thursday- We went downtown to Fair Park to the Children's Aquarium.  It was so fun!  I got a season pass so we will be going alot.  Then we headed over to Cafe Express for lunch and grabbed some slices of cake and pie at Breadwinners for dessert.  Thursday night we hung out at the house and watched movies.

Friday- Rachel and I headed out to Cedar Hill to take the girls shopping.  We ate at Max & Cheese for lunch, stopped for frozen yogurt, and had a blast playing at the park after we got home.
Saturday- Rachel watched the girls while Evan and I went to run errands and do some fixing to our back patio area.  We got a new table and layed pavers to extend it.  All week the girls had been trying to play in the water bowl.  That afternoon we finally gave in, stripped them down, and let them go to town.  You can see from this picture how excited they were.  Saturday night, one of the young women from church babysat the girls while we went to see OZ at the Studio Movie Grill
Sunday- Rachel and Aurora left around 9:30am.  We went to church where Evan got to partake in the blessing of Baby Ben Herzberg.  Afterward we met my family at Cotton Patch to celebrate Nanny's birthday as you can see here.  We came home and vegged before starting back at work on Monday.

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  1. I love Rylee's expression while playing in the water bowl! Classic!