Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rylee's First Sunday

To tell the truth, I was dreading going back to church today. I personally thought it was too soon, but Evan was determined to make it back to church. He teaches a primary class and has missed alot (since we were out the Sunday before Rylee was born too). It couldn't have gone any better today! On the car ride to church, Rylee was NOT happy that she was in her car seat. When we got there, I quickly fed her and she seemed to do fine! She was awake and alert through the whole sacrament meeting and did not really fuss once. She did fuss right after sacrament so I took her to the car to change and feed her. (Side note: The reason I took her to the car is that I am not too comfortable feeding her in public just yet and the mothers lounge and bathrooms were packed and it is almost impossible to find an empty classroom because our ward is so big) We spent most of the second hour of church in the car and then made our way back in the building for relief society. She was awake for a little while and then napped through the rest of the meeting. I had planned on keeping her in the car seat so others would "look and not touch", just because she is still so small at only 3 weeks, but she really wanted out so I held her for most of the 3 hours of church. Needless to say, my arm was hurting. I guess it takes some getting used to. I really really enjoyed the relief society lesson today about making sure that your "links" in your chain are strong enough to keep you anchored to where you need to be. I really need to be better about personal prayer and scripture study. Evan and I pray together, but I sometimes forget that I need to take the time to physically kneel and pray. Well, here are the pictures from before church today. I didn't realize it would be FREEZING cold outside when I dressed her today. We made good use of the blankets that were in the car and car seat.


  1. I'm glad that your first Sunday back was a success! I can imagine wanting a little privacy in nursing, who wouldn't want that? I seriously see RUSSELL everytime I look at sweet Rylee's face - she is so adorable!!! :D

  2. Yah for a success! :) She's so cute in her dress!