Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rylee is here!

Rylee is now almost 5 days old and it seems like she has been around forever! It has been an interesting 5 days. She was delivered at 11:37pm on Thursday. We got to our postpartum room at around 2:30 am that evening. I made Evan go home to get some good rest. I had lost alot of blood and had to be given some morphine so I was literally shaking for about an hour after the delivery. The nurses took Rylee to the nursery for an hour after we got to the room. They brought her back because she was fussy and needed to eat. She started to eat but then fell right to sleep. So I laid and held her for the next few hours just staring at her. She is so beautiful!! I was not expecting a full head of dark brown hair. She is basically Evan's clone with my nose. However she has my personality. She is extremly stubborn! She wants to do things when she wants to do them. She is a very good baby though. She does not cry much. We have had alot of visitors and have been blessed with so much help! My best friend Johnnie stayed with us our first night home from the hospital on Saturday to help. It was so nice having her here! We haven't had to cook one meal so far because of friend's and family which has been very nice. Rylee has been having a hard time eating, which has caused her bilirubin levels to go up which causes jaundice. At her pediatrician appt on Monday her level was 22. Because of her levels being so high, they had to order an at home phototherapy crib. I didn't realize how hard this would be on Evan and I. Basically she has to lay only with a diaper in this baby tanning bed at all times unless she is being fed. Even when she is being fed there is a pad that goes on her back that lets off light. Fortunately, at today's appt her levels dropped to 15! We can take her off of the lights at 10pm tonight. Our friend Matt came over last night to help Evan give Rylee a blessing. I truly think Heavenly Father helped her improve so quickly. Yesterday was one of the hardest days I have ever been through. Not only were her bilirubin levels high, but she had lost 11oz of weight and she was vomiting. We felt SO much better after today's dr. appt where they said she looked much better and she gained 3 oz of weight in 24 hours! We are completely in love with our little girl. She truly is a gift that we cherish every day.

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  1. It's just terrible she has to be in the sun bed! Hope all get's well soon!