Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rylee's Room

Well, I finally put some of the finishing touches on Rylee's room last weekend before the shower. Here are pictures. I'm still thinking the wall with the bows needs something else, but I haven't quite decided what. I'm open for suggestions.


  1. Augh - I don't think my comment just posted - annoying! I LOOOVE BABY GIRL RYLEE'S ROOM! She is already so spoiled to have an awesome room like that!!! SO excited for ya'll as her time comes closer & closer. Love you!

  2. P.S. - Let's get together this weekend for a late b-day celebration! It can be low key - just hang out!

  3. LOVE the bedroom! Super cute! Heather might have some ideas for the one wall - she is super creative. :D