Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I rarely post about my experiences as a teacher but today's experience was definitely weird and random. Today started out pretty normal. We had our morning math, a mini lesson, and then broke into small group stations. We all went to take a restroom break. We came back and had reading lesson and stations. You know, the usual. After the final station, I give the signal for the kids to get ready for lunch. Just about as everyone has finished picking up their station, a notorious trouble maker yells out POOP!!!!!! Everyone busts into laughter and as I start calming them down and trying to get to the kid to talk to him about his action, I notice that he wasn't just yelling the word poop. Right beside his desk is a HUGE pile of human poop. So big in fact, that when cleaning it up with paper towels, I couldn't pick it up with 1 hand. (I know, disgusting). I start to question students about where this came from, who saw this, etc. With 2 minutes to lunch, I had to cut my interrogating short. After dropping off my students, I stop by the VP that is over my grade level and chat with her about the situation. Suspecting it is one student imparticular, I stop by the counselor as well. All three of us could not come up with a logical explanation as to how a pile of human poop (that wasn't squished together like it had come out of a bag or anything) ended up in the middle of my classroom. I guess the poop mystery will go down as one of the top craziest things to happen to me as a teacher. Yet again, this is another example of how I definately do not get paid enough for what I have to do on a daily basis!


  1. lol... for several weeks the janitors would fine human poop in the middle of a certain upstairs boys bathroom... then they started to see it spread across the surrounding lockers. Because the kid is an IDIOT when he picked up his own poop to rub across the lockers, the security cameras caught him... Imagine being his parents and being called to the office for that doosey! lol