Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Crafts

I love summer time because I actually have the time to try out new crafts and do things that are fun and entertaining for me. The down side is that they usually cost money, but sometimes I can make do with what I already have. My friend Allie gave me the idea for these "Grow With Me" blocks. These were great because I already had all of the materials and just needed to purchase the wood. You can use these to place in your baby's/child's pictures to watch them grow. You can also use these if you are pregnant to document your belly bump progress week by week. I am excited to start taking Rylee's picture with hers each month to see her grow! I think these would make a fun addition to a baby shower gift as well. Let me know if you would like some and we can decide on a fair price. :)

Rylee's pacifier clip has seen better days. I wasn't too thrilled with the other patterns at the store so I made these! I already had the clips from attempting to make hair bows (I'm not too good at that). These are simple and cheaper to make than buy at the store.

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