Monday, December 27, 2010

Changes in 2011....

Evan and I are both VERY excited for 2011! I have really been feeling Rylee move around lately, especially at night. Evan hasn't quite gotten to feel her yet, but each time he tries he gives this certain look and talks about how he wishes she was here already. 2011 will bring some changes for us as well. I will graduate in May with my Masters in School Counseling. This new degree will also bring a job change. I have started applying to school districts closer to where we live. If I do not get a counseling job, I still plan on changing schools if a teaching job becomes available closer as well. I just know spending 45 minutes in the car each way away from Rylee is going to be too much for me to bare every day. We are about 75% sure that Evan will stay home with Rylee and take night classes towards completing his bachelors in Special Education. Depending on his class schedule, he might also take some day classes a few times a week. I have decided that during the summer and winter breaks from work, I am going to complete the extra 5 classes it takes to be a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). This way I have more flexibility in the future if I wanted to work for a hospital, my own private practice, or even for our church, I could. We have pretty much finished the nursery for Rylee except for a few finishing touches I want to complete soon. I promise to post pictures, but not until I think it is complete. We are trying hard to prepare for Rylee's arrival, however I know we can not be fully prepared. There will be lots of changes for us in 2011!

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  1. SO excited for baby Rylee to arrive! I hope you can find a job closer to home. Is Evan nervous about being a stay-at-home daddy??