Sunday, June 28, 2009


Our honeymoon was fantastic! For those of you who don't know, Lydia, Amanda F., Johnnie, Amanda C., and Emily paid for our entire honeymoon to Santa Barbara! After our afternoon reception on Saturday, we checked into the Hyatt at Reunion Tower downtown. Shelbee's mom was gracious enough to pay for the night of the wedding. The view was gorgeous! Also, we could order whatever we wanted from roomservice. We had a wonderful dinner and watched a movie too. It was great! The front desk was also very nice and sent us strawberries and champagne. We took some pictures and then asked to exchange the champagne for ginger ale since we do not drink. Here is a picture of Evan with our complimentary champagne.

Shelbee with the roomservice table of food.

The next morning we woke up at 3am in order to make our 6:15 standby flight to LAX. Flying standby is not the greatest. We waited untill everyone got on the flight and then heard them call our names! We were so excited and then we were even more excited to find out that we were sitting together in first class. Here is Evan excited about his first class ticket.

When we arrived in Los Angeles, we were excited to get our rental car. We decided to upgrade to a nice sportier car. Here is a picture of Shelbee with the rental car infront of our resort.

On our way to Santa Barbara, about 90 miles, we hit alot of traffic and saw about 3 wrecks. Once we finally got to our resort we were so excited to rest! Here is us infront of the doors to our NICE resort.

There was definately one place that was top on our list to eat at when we were in Cali.... IN AND OUT BURGER!! We both love that place. We ended up eating there twice while we were there. Here is a picture of us visiting our favorite place.

Monday we went sight seeing at Stearns Wharf and went swimming at the resort pool. We walked to the beach to watch the sunset but quickly found out that we needed to get some warmer clothes. The next day we went to Ventura (where Evan served his mission) and bought some new clothes, ate at another one of our favorite places (Rubios), and visited other areas of the city. Here is a picture of us at Stearns Wharf.

Tuesday we visted the CUTE little town of Solvang. Its a town replicated after a Danish community. There we ate some tasty aebleskivers and shopped at the cute little shops. That night we decided to relax in the hottub and order some hot chocolate from roomservice. The $6 pot of hot chocolate ended up costing us $23 after all of the charges and fees associated. Kindof silly. Here is a picture of Evan eating his delicious Aebleskivers.

Wednesday we went to downtown Santa Barbara to the coolest one screened movie theatre to watch Transformers. It was awesome!!! Then we walked to Rusty's Pizza Parlor for lunch. The shops on State Street are so cool! Its like a big outdoor mall but with one of a kind shops mixed with high end stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstroms. Wednesday night we decided to relax in the hot tub again, but no hot chocolate this time. Here is a picture of us in the hot tub.

Thursday was unfortunately our last day there. This was our designated day to lay on the beach and get a honeymoon tan before coming back. We woke up to 60 degree weather and cloudy skies. We decided to get some breakfast at a Santa Barbara local's favorite called Cajun Kitchen. It was here that Evan FINALLY got some tri-tip. We shopped some more on State street and then around 1pm the sun finally came out and it got warmer. We got our day on the beach! After a couple hours on the beach, we moved to the pool and swam and layed out for a few more hours. It was great! That night we ate at another local favorite on the harbor called Brophy Bros. Then we boarded our sunset cruise. It was alot of fun. We passed a few booies with seals on them and got to see the beautiful coastline. Here are a few pictures of the seals and the sunset.

As the sun went down and it got colder, Shelbee was FREEZING!!! This is her mad face because Evan would not get her a blanket from inside the boat. Evan thinks it is hilarious.

Overall our honeymoon was WONDERFUL!! We are so grateful for all of the friends and family that made it possible. THANKS!!!

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  1. awwww, good to hear ya'll had a good time! I'm yet to try the much praised In & Out day.