Sunday, September 11, 2011

5 Months.... ALREADY?!?

Wow! Ok, I am VERY sorry I haven't posted more. If you are my friend on Facebook, you see plenty of pictures because I can easily post from my phone. However I have totally forgotten about the blogging world lately. This past week, Rylee celebrated 5 months! I know people said it would go by so fast but they didn't say it would be lightning speed. She has 2 teeth that are very prominent. This means that EVERYTHING goes in the mouth for her to chew on. Her pacifiers are often turned on their side so she can chew on the plastic. She has teething chew rings and other things but she doesn't like them as much. Her favorite thing to chew on is her burp cloth or the ribbon of her paci clip. She is rolling around alot. She has a play mat with toys that hang over her and she really likes playing with that. You have to be careful because she will roll right off of things if you aren't there to catch her. She is still only on formula. Our pediatrician was pretty adamant about keeping her on formula until 6 months. Some studies show that feeding solids too early leads to obesity and our family history and her advanced size already, we aren't taking any chances. She is very curious though when she sees adults eating. She will stare and even sometimes move her mouth when you do. She is becoming more brave with her surroundings. She will reach and grab for things, especially faces. She loves to grab your nose, so watch out. Her nails grow like crazy so sometimes she can scratch herself and you pretty badly. We have to cut them more often now. She is in a 6-9 month set of clothes. She is so long that often the 6 month aren't long enough so we have her in 9 month onsies. She is still such a joy to be around. She sleeps through the night and loves playing with her daddy during the day. She is a cutie patootie!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Evan

Evan turned 29 today. I have loved getting to celebrate birthdays with him. This year was kindof low key, but we still had fun. I hope you had a wonderful birthday papa bear!