Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's a GIRL!!!

We are having a girl!! Rylee Russell will be joining us in April! Our doctor appointment was on Wednesday. The sonogram tech wrote on the sonogram what the sex is and put it in an envelope. It was really hard to not peek in the envelope, especially for Evan. We had a fun "gender reveal" party Friday night. We had around 20-25 people at our house for the big reveal. We waited until Evan's mom flew into see us until we revealed. She looked into the envelope first, and then handed us each a cake ball. When we bit into the cake ball, they revealed pink cake which told us that we will be having a girl! We are so excited! Saturday we spent time at Babies-R-Us and Target registering for baby stuff. I have been a little addicted to craigslist lately, and have gotten all of the furniture for the nursery and am now working on the decorations. We decided we wanted bright happy colors, so we are centering our nursery around this painting of owls we found at Target. It is so cute! Anyway, I am at 20 weeks now (5 months) and we are so excited for April to get here. :)