Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy......

Wow, March has been a BUSY month so far! It all started with my 25th birthday on March 4th! This year was AWESOME! Evan really is the reason it was so awesome. We both took off work and had so much fun. The highlight of this birthday was the purchase of our new fridge for our new home. We found a fridge that retails for over $3,000 for only $1,400 at Sears Outlet in Arlington. So exciting! Evan surprised me with a hotel stay on Friday night. It was nice getting some alone time since we have been staying at my parents and don't get alot of privacy lately. Amanda Churak made it great too! It was fun hanging out with her and my family that Friday.

Then I had one of my Masters classes end on March 9th. This is a critical class in which alot of info is given, but it is only 6 weeks long. It ended in a final project. I had to take a day off of work to complete it because it was just so time consuming. Here is the cover to my final project.

On March 11th, we had open house at my school. This means that there wasn't a real routine the days prior to open house because we were creating things for visiting parents. We had fun making 3D solid figures (hanging from the ceiling), clay insects, and silhouettes. Evan and I decided to stay at school until after open house rather than going home. It was a LONG day. Then after we got home (around 8pm), I had to stay up and bake the cakes for Summer and Aaron's wedding. I ended getting to bed close to 2am.

Friday, March 12th, after work, Evan and I loaded up the baked cakes and all of my decorating supplies and headed to Oklahoma. Summer is one of Evan's friends that I got to know on my many trips to Oklahoma. She is awesome, and so is her new hubby Aaron! This is the largest cake I have made before. Needless to say, after 12 cake mixes, 5 pounds of powdered sugar, and various other ingredients, a wedding cake was born! It was time consuming but fun at the same time. She wanted the icing color to be "M&M blue". Poor Evan had to go to the store SEVERAL times to get things for me when I ran out. I definitely underestimated the quantity of some of the ingredients.

So anyway, now we are just waiting to close on our house over spring break. Our fridge gets delivered and we just bought a kitchen table and chairs on craigslist. I hope all of you have a wonderful spring break!